Our Services

Every business is different. Neither silver bullet solutions nor cookie cutter services are going to help with unique problems.

Successful installation and implementation are as important as the platform itself. Thanks to our field expertise, DataVira is the right partner for best start. Just let us know what you are expecting from the solution and leave the rest.
Your data is live and evolving constantly. Your environment should be engineered constantly as well to match your security and business needs. This ongoing engineering enables you to get the best out of your solution.

Performance Analysis: We provide deep dive performance analysis of your Splunk environment. We do this again right after implementation of immediate recommendations to observe outcomes.

Immediate Recommendations: We share actionable recommendations you can implement during the health assessment for immediate performance gains.

Architecture Assessment: This is the assessment of your existing Splunk architecture; identifying issues and areas of improvement.

Splunk Maturity Assessment: We analyze the maturity level of your Splunk Environment and share recommendation to increase your and your environment’s maturity.

Best Practices: Best practices, tailored to your Splunk environment to facilitate operational excellence going forward.

Architectural Design:  High-level design recommendations to further performance and facilitate sustainable long-term growth.

Long Term Recommendations: We are with you, not just save today but also future. We provide strategic, longer-term recommendations to address performance, ongoing operations and upgrades.