Our Solutions

Splunk® Enterprise

Do you collect the logs you have just to comply with the regulations? We offer you tailor-made solutions with Splunk® Enterprise, one of the most powerful data platforms in the world, not only as required by regulations, but also to reveal the hidden benefit in this huge and dark data universe. Turn the data you have into action. (Click for more details)

Splunk Enterprise Security (SIEM)

SIEM solutions are not new technologies, we know this. Imagine that the SIEM solution you use is the world's most powerful data platform. With Splunk Enterprise Security and the power provided by this platform, you can see all outputs on one screen and achieve much shorter inspection and response times. Get a new generation solution beyond traditional solutions for all your threat detection and incident response processes. (Click for more details)

Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Do you know that insider threats are reportedly the primary cause for more than 50 percent of data breaches? We do! We offer corporate solutions with artificial intelligence-based Splunk User Behavior Analytics to detect internal threats. (Click title for more details)

Splunk SOAR - Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

How much time does your team spend to identify security threats and respond them? One of the world's leading solutions in its field Splunk SOAR solution can help you to reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) by enabling security alerts to be qualified and remediated. All of that can happen in seconds, without any involvement from human staff. (Click title for more details)

Splunk ITSI - Service Intelligence and AIOps

Business continuity is not just security related. With the power of Machine Learning, we can offer you the best solution which provides advanced analytics like anomaly detection, adaptive thresholding and predictive health scores to monitor KPI data and prevents issues 30 minutes in advance. (Click title for more details)

Other Splunk Solutions

You can visit Splunk's official website for all the solutions we offer you with Splunk. The benefit you can derive from the data you have is limited by your imagination. (Click title for more details)